This page contains information and forms for the Principals and Vice-Principals.

Pilgrimage of Faith - Capital Cost Rebate Forms

Evaluation Templates

  1. Teacher Model (or another approved model)
  2. IOTA Local Validity
  3. EA Evaluation (Choice 1)
  4. EA Evaluation (Choice 2)
  5. Custodial Evaluation
  6. Office Administration Evaluation
  7. Four Catholicity Questions (when evaluating employees)

Wording for "Additional Insured" for Renter Groups

Whenever possible, principals are to ask the renters (facility users) to provide you with a certificate of liability insurance that adds the school and the Diocese to the user’s liability policy as an "Additional Insured with respect to their liability arising out of the operations of the Named Insured."  Any commercial user of your facility will be able to provide this without incurring any cost.  

An individual renting your premises will likely struggle to provide you with a certificate of insurance as home owners insurers are reluctant to issue certificates.  You may want to consider having them confirm to you that they have personal liability coverage. 

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK 2017: Sunday, February 5 - Saturday, Feb 11 ~ Care For Our Common Home 

Catholic Schools Week Marketing and Planning Guide  - This document provides the planning overview for celebrating Catholic Schools Week in your school, your community, your city, your diocese, and indeed the province.  Please feel free to distribute this document to your Catholic Schools Week organizing committees, administrators and teachers.   Special thanks to Island Catholic Schools for the development of this document.