Priority of Acceptance

Acceptance of applications will be granted first and foremost to baptized children from actively practicing Catholic families; Families who are:

  1. registered in a Catholic parish.
  2. attending Sunday Mass weekly.
  3. involved in the life of the parish.
  4. supporting the parish financially, according to their means.

Second preference will be given to any non-participating Catholic family who wish to enroll a baptized Catholic child in school.

After April 15th, non-Catholic children may be admitted to the school for the following school year, but numbers of non-Catholic students are limited to ensure that the genuine Catholicity of the school's programme is maintained.

This procedure for accepting students is applicable to both local and international applications alike.

Immaculata Regional High School

Applying: BC Residents

Required Forms & Documents

  1. A completed & signed application form,
  2. A completed & signed tuition agreement form,
  3. A copy of the child's Baptismal certificate (if Catholic),
  4. A letter from your parish priest confirming that your child is actively practicing the Catholic faith (if applicable),
  5. Previous school's report card.

Enroling Children Under The Age of Five

CISND believes that children must be academically, socially, emotionally, and physically ready to start kindergarten.  Children must be five years of age as of December 31 to start kindergarten.  Under special circumstances, children younger than five as of December 31 may be accepted if they meet certain criteria.  An assessment must be carried out including:  Readiness Assessment, observation at pre-school setting, and discussion with the pre-school care provider(s), etc.  The final decision, to accept children younger than age five, rests with the principal.  Because the government does not supply grants to children under the age of five, if a child under the age of five (as of December 31) is accepted, the parents/guardians will be required to pay the government grant equivalent in addition to the tuition fees.

International Students

CISND believes that educational programs are enhanced by the attendance of international students and all of our schools are happy to accept the applications of international students.  In addition to all forms & documents that are required by BC Residents (see above), additional documentation and fees are applicable when enroling as an international student.