The Catholic Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese (CISND) recognizes parents as the primary educator of their children. Parents have the essential responsibility of the education and Christian formation of their children. Our schools exist to complement this responsibility, not to replace it. Parents also have a right to seek assistance from the Church and others in the community with these responsibilities.

School Councils

Parent and student.Parents from the Catholic parishes may be appointed to the local School Council. Through its constitution the CISND delegates some of its authority to each School Council to ensure the effective operations of schools throughout the diocese. The objectives of the School Council are listed in the CISND Policy Manual.

Parent Support Groups

Parents are invited to support our Catholic schools through their involvement in the school Parent Support Group (PSG). The PSGs operate within the jurisdiction of the CISND and are subject to its policies. Principals and School Councils are encouraged to promote the formation of these support groups. Such groups are guided by a constitution and a set of by-laws which identify and emphasize its supportive function to the school staff and School Council. Historically, the PSGs have undertaken social activities as well as both small and major fundraising activities. It is essential that the use of funds thus generated be a cooperative undertaking by the PSG.  As such, the Principal, and the School Council will have established a priority list for the needs of the school.  In order to promote a close working relationship between the PSG and the school, the Board of Directors suggests that the Principal, the Chair of the School Council and the Chair of the Parent Support Group meet at least once per school term for planning purposes.